Many folks from the lab are presenting talks and posters at the upcoming American Society of Human Genetics Meeting and International Genetic Epidemiology Society annual meetings in Houston, Texas in October.


  • Austin Wang: Allele-Specific QTL Fine-Mapping with PLASMA (Best Paper Award nominee). Monday, 8:45am. Ballroom of The Americas AB (IGES Meeting)
  • Intae Moon: Using a deep neural network (DNN) based classifier to predict primary sites of cancers of unknown primary. Thursday, 4:30pm. Grand Ballroom B, Level 3


  • Cynthia Kalita: A powerful method to estimate cell-type specific QTLs from bulk expression by leveraging allelic imbalance. 1044/W
  • Yixuan He: Genetic ancestry versus environmental differences in oncogenic mutations and driver genes in lung adenocarcinoma. 804/W
  • Austin Wang: Allele-specific QTL fine-mapping with PLASMA. 1081/T
  • Douglas Yao: Estimation of heritability mediated by assayed gene expression levels elucidates gene architecture of complex traits. 2287/T
  • Stefan Groha: Germline associations with response to immune-oncology and adverse events in a large patient cohort. 1043/F


  • Juba Saada (Palamara Lab): Fast identity by descent detection across 500,000 UK Biobank samples reveals recent evolutionary history and population structure. Thursday, 9:30am. Hall B, Level 1
  • Katie Houlahan (Boutros Lab): Genome-wide germline correlates of the epigenetic landscape of prostate cancer. Thursday, 9:30am. Room 361D - Level 3
  • Michelle Jones (Gayther Lab): Multi-omic analysis maps the genomic landscape of ovarian cancer to reveal mutational mechanisms and functional pathways that drive chemoresistance. Friday, 9:00am. Grand Ballroom A, Level 3
  • Rosario (Ivetth) Corona (Lawrenson Lab): Non-coding somatic mutations converge on the PAX8 pathway in epithelial ovarian cancer. 922/T