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Our collaboration with the Meyerson Lab at DFCI, lead by Jian Carrot-Zhang, studying the influence of genetic ancestry to somatic mutations in lung cancer is now in press at Cancer Discovery:

Genetic ancestry contributes to somatic mutations in lung cancers from admixed Latin American populations. J Carrot-Zhang, G Soca, NJ Patterson, J Watson, A Thorner, A Nag, G Genovese, J Rodriguez Ariza, MK Gelbard, L Corrales-Rodriguez, Y Mitsuishi, G Ha, JD Campbell, G Oxnard, O Arrieta, AF Cardona, A Gusev[+], M Meyerson[+]. 2020

And our collaboration with the Palamara Lab at Oxford, lead by Juba Saada, studying identity-by-descent genetic relatedness in the UK Biobank is now in press at Nature Communications.

Identity-by-descent detection across 487,409 British samples reveals fine scale population structure and ultra-rare variant associations. JN Saada, G Kalantzis, D Shyr, F Cooper, M Robinson, A Gusev[+] and PF Palamara[+]. 2020