Sashaโ€™s review of genetic influences on immunotherapy toxicities is now out in Immunological Reviews:

Germline mechanisms of immunotherapy toxicities in the era of genomeโ€wide association studies
A Gusev.
Immunological Reviews. 2023

Immune-related toxicities or adverse events (or irAEs) impact nearly all patients on cancer immunotherapy, with 20-80% experiencing medium/high grade events that often lead to treatment discontinuation. This review and forward-looking perspective focuses on the findings, opportunities, and challenges for using germline genetic variation to better understand irAEs. It is written for a broad audience and introducing the core statistical methodologies that can be employed in this space. It was part of a special issue on irAEs.

Schematic of opportunities: (a) ausal inference with Mendelian Randomization; (b) better treatment effects; (c) better biomarkers; (d) new drugs.

il7 schematic