Alexander (Sasha) Gusev

Principal investigator. Assistant Professor

Shaye Carver

2021- Doctoral student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Using single-cell data to understand neurological disease.


Danielle Kurant

2021- Postdoctoral fellow. MD, Pathology

Connecting germline risk factors to cancer treatment outcomes.

Douglas Yao

2020- Doctoral student, Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology

Learning genetic interactions from perturbation screens.

co-advised with Brian Cleary


Dennis Grishin

2019- Doctoral student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Characterizing germline and somatic non-coding drivers of cancer.


Intae Moon

2019- Doctoral student, MIT Electrical & Computer Science

Molecular classification of tumors and treatment effect estimation.


Cynthia Kalita

2019- Postdoctoral fellow. PhD, Molecular Biology

Identifying cell-type specific regulatory variants.


Stefan Groha

2018- Postdoctoral fellow. DPhil, Physics

Predictive models of longitudinal outcomes.




Jacclyn LoPiccolo

2021- Medical Oncology Fellow, MD

Characterizing the genetics of young onset lung cancer.

co-advised with Pasi A. Jänne


Jian Carrot-Zhang

2020- Instructor, PhD, Genetics

Germline-somatic interactions in multi-ethnic populations.

co-advised with Matthew Meyerson


Sylvan Baca

2019- Medical Oncology Fellow, MD, PhD

Germline mechanisms of prostate cancer and therapy response.

co-advised with Matt Freedman




Michael Poeschla

2021- Doctoral rotation student. MD-PhD Program

Genetic predictors of regulatory modules.

Derek Shyr

2019- Doctoral rotation student, Biostatistics

Rare variant identification using Identity-by-Descent.




Past Members


Austin Wang

2018-2020 Research assistant. BS & MEng, CS & Molecular Biology

co-advised with Manolis Kellis

2020: Doctoral student at Stanford


Past Rotating Members

Shaye Carver

2020-2021 Doctoral rotation student. Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Anamay Shetty

2018-2019 Undergraduate researcher. BA, Medicine

Yixuan He

spring 2019 Doctoral rotation student. BA, Biology & Mathematics

Douglas Yao

2018-2019 Doctoral rotation student. BS, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Catherine Li

2018 Undergraduate researcher. BA, Statistics


Past Visiting

Kodi Collins

summer 2019Doctoral student visiting from Zar/Zaitlen labs at UCLA.

Raymond Hughley

winter 2019Research scientist visiting from Polak lab at Mount Sinai.

Rosario (Ivetth) Corona de la Fuente, PhD

spring 2018Postdoctoral fellow visiting from Hazelett/Lawrenson labs at Cedars Sinai.

Serghei Mangul, PhD

fall 2017Postdoctoral fellow visiting from Zar lab at UCLA.