Alexander (Sasha) Gusev

Associate Professor of Medicine
Lead, Clinical Computational Oncology Group
Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Principal investigator

Krisna Van Dyke

2024- Postdoctoral fellow. PhD


Yi Ding

2024- Postdoctoral fellow. PhD


Kodi Taraszka

2022- Postdoctoral fellow. PhD, Computer Science
2020- Doctoral student in Computer Science, UCLA (co-advised with Noah Zaitlen)

Understanding germline-somatic interactions at scale.


Shaye Carver

2021- Doctoral student, Harvard BBS

Using single-cell data to understand neurological disease.


Danielle Kurant

2021- Postdoctoral fellow. MD, Pathology

Connecting germline risk factors to cancer treatment outcomes.


Douglas Yao

2020- Doctoral student, Harvard SSQB
co-advised with Brian Cleary

Learning genetic interactions from perturbation screens.


Dennis Grishin

2022- Postdoctoral fellow, PhD
2019- Doctoral student, Harvard BBS

Characterizing germline and somatic non-coding drivers of cancer.


Intae Moon

2019- Doctoral student, MIT EECS

Molecular classification of tumors and treatment effect estimation.




Chaimaa Fadil

2023- Doctoral student, Harvard BBS
co-advised with Alkes Price

Multi-ancestry/multi-context risk prediction.


Ariel Wu

2023- AstraZeneca Postdoctoral fellow, PhD
co-advised with Vishwa Nellore

Predicting immunotherapy resistance.


Sarah Urbut

2022- Clinical fellow, MD PhD
co-advised with Pradeep Natarajan

Cardiovascular risk modelling.


Ryan Collins

2022- Postdoctoral fellow, PhD
co-advised with Eli Van Allen and Kevin Haigis

Rare structural variants in cancer.


Zeyun Lu

2022- PhD candidate in Biostatistics, USC
co-advised with Nick Mancuso

Integrating GWAS with CRISPR screens.


Ella Petter

2022- Doctoral student, UCLA
co-advised with Noah Zaitlen

Identifying biomarkers for treatment response.


Jacclyn LoPiccolo

2021- Medical Oncology Fellow, MD
co-advised with Pasi Jänne

Characterizing the genetics of young onset lung cancer.




Harveer Singh

2022-2023 Masters student, MIT MEng

Stefan Groha

2018- Postdoctoral fellow. DPhil, Physics
2023: AI/ML Engineer, Causal Machine Learning at GSK


Carlos Arevalo Rivas

2022- Computational Biologist
2023: Junior Specialist at UCSC

Sylvan Baca

2019- Medical Oncology Fellow, MD, PhD (co-advised with Matt Freedman)
2022: Faculty Member at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Cynthia Kalita

2019- Postdoctoral fellow. PhD, Molecular Biology
2022: Senior Scientist at Dewpoint Therapeutics

Jian Carrot-Zhang

2020- Instructor, PhD, Genetics (co-advised with Matthew Meyerson)
2022: Assistant Professor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Austin Wang

2018- Research assistant, MEng, CS & Molecular Biology
2020: Doctoral student at Stanford

Anamay Shetty

2018- Undergraduate researcher (co-advised with Matt Freedman)
2019: Medical Student at the University of Cambridge



Patrick O’Connor

2023 Doctoral student, Harvard BIG

Chaimaa Fadil

2023 Doctoral student, Harvard BBS

Lilia Olmstead

2023 Doctoral student, Harvard BBS

David Tang

2022 Doctoral student, Harvard BIG

Michael Poeschla

2021 Doctoral student. Harvard MD-PhD Program

Shaye Carver

2020 Doctoral student. Harvard BBS

Derek Shyr

2019 Doctoral student, Harvard Biostatistics

Yixuan He

2019 Doctoral student. Harvard BIG

Douglas Yao

2018 Doctoral student. Harvard BIG

Catherine Li

2018 Undergraduate researcher. Harvard Statistics